Tuesday, October 2, 2012

WhatsTube About

WhatsTube combine multiple videos into a movie.

Below example, if you want to share 6 video to your friend and 3rd video play 1:08-5:40.

Your friend must play 6 times, and 3rd video must manually seek to 1:08 stop at 5:40.


video 2

video 3

video 4

video 5

video 6

Now, you can combine into a movie, your friends just play once.

How combine multiple videos into a movie and share it?
1.Search Youtube video.
2.Add one or more video to favorite.
3.Set video range. (option)
4.Save favorite as movie.

Share movie
5.Set your google account.
6.Share movie.

Play on android device screenshot. Google Play

Play on browser screenshot. (Demo)

Monday, October 1, 2012

WhatsTube Player

1.Play video
- Lonk click video set fullscreen or normal.
- Click video to show/hide control, video title and status.

2.Repeat video.
Show control and click to enable/disable repeat.

Enable repeat.

3.Range setting.
Show control and Click to show/hide range setting.
Click to set begin when playing.
Click to set end when playing.

Set range begin.

Set range end.

Click to remove begin/end.
Check "Enable Range" to enable.

Click to hide range setting.
(This example is repeat 00:26-01:42)

4.Play movie.