Saturday, September 29, 2012

WhatsTube Favorite

1.Each channel item display below information :
- Channel Name
- Video number
- Duration
- Range Duration(option)

2.Create new channel.
Click to create new channel, input channel name and click "OK" button to save or click "Cancel" to cancel.

3.Long click channel to
- Play channel all video
- Save favorite as movie
- Sort (See Query)
- Edit channel
- Delete channel

4.If favorite video(s) set range, you can play channel all video with range.

5.Save favorite as movie.

Input movie title, description and set shrae or not.

Choice movie channel, click to save new movie or click to cancel.
You can click to create new movie channel.

If you click movie, wil be overwrite choice movie.
If you click movie and edit title, wil be save to new movie.

6.Click channel and display video list.

7.Click video to play.
See Player

8.Long click video to
- Add to other channel(see Query)
- Move to other channel(see Query)
- Sort (See Query)
- Set channel cover photo
- Delete video
- Share video

If video has set range, you can play range.

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