Sunday, September 30, 2012

WhatsTube Movie

1.Each channel item display below information :
- Channel name
- Movie number

2.Create new channel. (See Favorite)

3.Long click channel you can
- Sort channel (See Query)
- Edit channel
- Delete channel

4.Each movie item display below information :
- Movie title
- Movie duration
- Description(option)
- Share icon(option)

5.Click movie to play.
See Player

6.Long click movie you can
- Add to other channel(see Query)
- Move to other channel(see Query)
- Sort (See Query)
- Set channel cover photo
- Export movie to favorite.
- Edit movie(see Favorite)
- Delete movie

If you set Gogole account and movie set share, you can share movie.

Shared movie display share icon.

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