Friday, September 28, 2012

WhatsTube Query - Search Youtube Video

1.Create new query
Click to create new query, click to save or click to cancel.

Query by Youtube standard feed.

Query by keyword.

2.Click query channel get search result.

3.Click video to play.
See Player

4.Long click video to add to favorite or share video.

5.Add to favorite.
Add to favorite dialog, Input channel name and click "OK" button.
You can click "Video Title" button to copy video title or choice exist channel.
Choice exist channel video save to you choice channel, if you edit channel name, video save to new channel.

Choice exist channel.

Click "Video Title" button

5.Long click channel to sort channel, edit channel or delete channel.

Screen spilt the upper area and the lower area, the upper area is sorted, the lower area is unsorted. click sorted item to move to unsorted, click unsorted item to move to sorted, click to save or click to cancel.



Sort completed, click

Sort result

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